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Vuesax 4.0

Why a new major version?

Vuesax is a radically new framework and with an idea of ​​being different from other frameworks, we love what we have achieved so far in v3.x but now we want to give a total change in many features and improve the internal code as in the design

What are the most important changes

We want to improve the structure and logic in our components, variables, classes (css), design and other things

Change the logic in the components

We need that the components have a similar logic and that the code between them is relatively similar to have a better support and management, we want to divide the code and make it more global with mixins for characteristics that are repeated in the components

We will change the design line and thus have a similar appearance in all the components giving a better visual appearance

We want to document better the code and each variable property and data that has a necessary explanation, with this the community can help much easier to solve any bug or add functionalities without code or logic clashes

Changes in documents

In v4.0 we will change the documents and redo them as much as possible for a better understanding, create a blog for more specific topics and be able to go deeper in tutorials

the documents will be more intuitive and with examples on pages like codesandbox or codepen giving an opportunity to the playground with each learning

we will have an api of all the most important properties and global functions, so we will be able to understand the framework better

we will change the documents to the latest version of Vuepress giving funcinalities and improvements to the reader

Responsive Components

The components will have a great responsive support so that they can be used in any type of project


We are going to implement the css variables as the main variables of the framework, thus giving a better management of the themes and colors in time of execution, such as the need to change the subject from light to dark with just one click

With this change the components can be much more customizable in colors and simplifies their manipulation with js for only css treatment eliminating code and adding fluency


The components are going to have a not very drastic change in the syntax as variable properties clobal (data) but we do not want to change much this aspect since the migration would not be very complicated from v3.x to v4.0


A design system will be implemented for a better visual experience, documents will be implemented on how to use the components so that they have a visual coherence

We will create files for designers and some adventurous programmers who want to design before programming to see what the final product will look like with the components of vuesax

Files (Vuesax.xd)

Stylus Var

Global stylus variables are going to be created to change the whole aspect of the framework like $ vs-text-color or$ vs-border-radius and so just change the value and all vues change, giving better flexibility and treatment

you will also create more specific variables to each component like $ vs-button-border-radius and thus be able to manipulate the components without having to add your own style, of course there are some cases in which we need our own style

New Components

The components that are already created will be improved and in some cases redone so that they can enter the new design and code system

We want to create new components that we know we still need as datePicker or slide but first we want to focus on changing and adjusting the entire framework to start with the right foot and have everything as we expect

Componentes Pro

We are going to create a line of Pro Components, which are simply different components to noramles like buttons or select, it is more focused on complex components and they are not so used but they surprise and are functional something like a ** slide ** or a ** list of social networks **

these components are going to be included in vuesax core but we believe that it can be divided into something like vuesax@pro to not include them only if they are necessary for the project


We are implementing support for completely different topics between them and not only in colors but in design, figures, functionality and ux, an example of a serious theme theme for websites by default vuesax is designed to make applications and when we try to use it in a web that we need that surprises or is not typical then we use the web topic giving a different approach.


we are going to create plugins for the community and thus be able to implement vuesax easier as in the cli de vuejs or use it for example in vsCode with a syntax help.

soporte para varios lenguajes

The support for different languages ​​will be implemented and thus be able to change all the key texts in the components with a single process

much more

There are many more changes that we are going to implement and that will greatly improve Vuesax and all its ecosystem we want to be a great framework within the community and help all programmers to achieve that great idea

Final Release

In all honesty, we don’t know when this will happen yet, but likely in 2019. Again, we care more about shipping something that is solid and stable rather than hitting specific dates. There is a lot of work to be done, but we are excited for what’s coming next!