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New Vuesax Blog


Vuesax is a framework that is just beginning and still has a long way to go to be what we want it to be, we love that developers can implement it in their projects but now we believe that we need to create a blog to teach better and make more complete guides on how to implement, use and develop with Vuesax

Because right now?

We are working on the New version 4.x and we want to start a new stage in the correct way and with all the good practices including making a blog for a better development experience (XD) and thus improve with respect to the documents and examples giving a better contribution to the community and supporting our developers

Can I share my articles here?

Yes of course we would love to have articles from our community and so we can support ourselves among Vuejs brothers

To make an article request you just have to add a PR in the github repository with the article and all the necessary features

The articles can be anything that has to do with the ecosystem of Vuejs and another type if you think it is something relevant to the community

How often will items go up?

The articles will be uploaded as often as we can since we will be very busy doing the v4.x and many aspects of vuesax as plugins and extensions in projects like nuxt or vs-code

Can I help improve Vuesax-blog

If we are open to criticism and bug reports to improve and fix problems, if you have the time we would love to help you directly solving the problem or adding the functionality making a new PR

Why not a Blog on Medium?

We need to use Vuejs and vuesax in our tutorials and articles, also functionalities that can not be achieved in such blogs, we want to be more specific and give examples to explain better and easily understand

Thank you all !

Many thanks to all the programmers who are active with Vuesax helping in the development and using it in any type of project, we love helping the community and contributing our bit!