Simple and pleasant, very easy to implement


To add a Textarea we have the component vs-textarea


If you need to add a label you can use the label property

Label in Textarea


There are times when we need the user to only enter a certain number of characters for it, we have the property counter, the value is a number and determines the maximum


To get when the number of characters is exceeded use the property counter-danger.sync

Counter: 20

0 / 20


You can set the width of the textarea width the width property.

Width set to 300px


You can set the height of the textarea with the height property.

Height set to 200px


Name Type Parameters Description default
label String label of textarea.
counter Number Determines the maximum number of characters.
counter-danger.sync Boolean Determine if the value exceeds the counter. false
width String Set the width of the textarea
height String Set the height of the textarea