# Upload

Upload images easily and with a nice effect

# Default

You can upload files to the server with the vs-upload component, the requested parameter is action which is the URL of the server

Upload File

# Multiple

You can upload multiple files by adding the multiple property within the component.

Upload Multiple

# Automatic

You can enable automatic submission with the Automatic property that executes the shipment by changing the value of theinput

Upload File


Name Type Parameters Description default
action String determines the url of the server where the request is made.
text String Change the text shown in the input. Upload File
limit Number Limit the number of files that can be added.
headers Object Change the header of the request to the server.
data Object Appends data to the form.
fileName String Key name of the files sent.
multiple Boolean Determines whether multiple files can be selected. false
accept File types change the types of files allowed. all
disabled Boolean disables the component, making it impossible to add any file. false
on-success Function (event) callback function when successfully uploading the file.
on-delete Function (event) callback function when delete item the file.
on-error Function (event) callback function when an error occurs when trying to upload a file.
automatic Boolean It determines if the shipment is automatic when making a change of value. false
show-upload-button Boolean It determines whether to show the upload button or not. true
single-upload Boolean This causes each file to be sent separately on each request. Only used when multiple prop is true false