# Tooltip

Very easy to implement and in any element of the DOM.

# Default

To add a tooltip we have the component vs-tooltip

# Position

You can change the position at which the tooltip appears with the property position.

# Delay

You can change the delay in appearing the tooltip with the property delay.

# Color

To change the color of the tooltip, use the property color. You are able to use the Main Colors or RGB and HEX colors.


Only RGB and HEX colors are supported.

# Title

If necessary, you can add a title to the tooltip with the property title


Name Type Parameters Description default
text String Determine the text inside the tooltip.
color String Change the color of the tooltip.
delay String Change the time the tooltip appears.
position String top, left, bottom, right Change the position where the tooltip will appear.
title String Add a title to the tooltip.
active Boolean determines if the tooltip is active. true